Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hand Stitched with Love

Pillow Talk

What a better time to get in touch with rich, soft, luxurious and wholesome knits than.... in the summer time? Yes, I have indeed spent the last month of the hot and humid summer sewing and stitching pillow fronts. As part of a project geared towards me getting in touch with my feminine side, I decided what a better way than to get lost in vintage fabric and sew pretty flower patterns. I feel as though I am well on my way to either becoming a hermit or owning a sheep farm so I can also learn how to hand sew and die beautiful yarn and knit sweaters on cozy fall days.

Find used, lonely and abandoned sweaters, chop them up and make them into something new. Raid mom's sewing basket for old fabrics, twist and stitch into pretty flower folds.
End result:
I can't decide whether I should make these into pillows, or build some kind of contraption to hang them on the wall

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