Monday, February 1, 2010

A Walk In the Woods

This is my newest exploration series on abstract art. My inspiration comes from the beauty and complexity of nature, its repetitive forms and luminous colors. I am mesmerized by nature's ability to continuously give, and its characteristics are those that I greatly admire. Sit me in a field of tall grass for hours and I am as happy as can be.
Some of these paintings are purely my response to organic shapes and the colors associated with fall. The larger pieces, however, parallel the helplessness I feel on those days when I feel my body begin to shut down and my sickness return. When I first start out on the paper, I layer paint, random patterns and colors, scrape, sand, all in a process of giving and taking from the surface. My process mimics the scraping, sanding, and chaotic layering that go on inside my body during this time of uncertain health. After layers are placed down, I then go in with planned patterns, shapes and colors and attempt to unify what has already been painted. In the end, I hope to present a composition that is uneasy and yet resolved. Although, I can not control what goes on inside my body or in any circumstances that surrounds me, I can control how I respond to the situation. Just like life, I can attempt to make more sense out of the chaos of paints and colors and hope to ultimately leave the viewer feeling "chaotically resolved."

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